Source: By Sauts // Alex Sautter
A Serial Techpreneur
100% self-development
Source: By Sauts // Alex Sautter
Believe that success is not a destination, but a journey 🚀
I’ve started my first business since college time as a computer science student, from designing and developing web, mobile app, and games. I established Cool Code company with my other two partners, Jebat and Amir after graduated, a software house company, from just for personal pocket money to a full 20+ developers in house. Within three years, we are having a range of big-name clients, and our app downloaded over 3 million downloads. Understand our challenges as developers when it comes to project deployments to multiple servers for clients; we have developed and launched RunCloud. Now I lead RunCloud and am always on a mission to simplify server management for developers and businesses. Today, RunCloud is a fast-growing company and manages over 230,000 web applications from over 100+ countries around the world in just three years since 2017.
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Stop overthinking, just do it now!
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My interview with DigitalOcean
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